About SCCTube

SCCTube is a new endeavor to get best practices to all school counselors.  The website allows users to log in and upload a video detailing instructions on a school counseling lesson, group or individual activitity.  Please, no videos of children!  Only videos of school counselors guiding colleagues on a lesson or activity to be shared!

Have an idea you want to share with school counselor colleagues?  Follow these simple instructions:

  • Write up a lesson, align it to the Mindset and Behaviors standards and cut and paste it into the description box of the video.
  • Create a recording with the following areas:
    • Title
    • Grade level 
    • Domain: academic, social emotional or college and career.
    • Mindset behavior(s) standard
    • Resources needed
    • Instructions on delivery
    • Assessment utilized to measure effectiveness
  • To upload the video:
    • Log In to SCCTube 
    • Click on Video Page and on the bottom Click on Video Upload
    • Place the title, Identify the categories the video relates to and make sure to tag the video so others can search for it!
    • Click Submit.  

Recording has to be made in the right file extension!  Make your video and have fun!


Note: By uploading the video you are giving permission for School Counselor Central to share it with school counselors and other professionals.