“I am not that girl” (SOML)  video to be used in a Girl’s Group for Self Image, Self Awareness and Self Esteem topics.

Grade: Middle or High School

Mindset and Behaviors Standards: 

1. Belief in development of whole self, including a healthy balance of mental, social/emotional and physical well-being

2. Self-confidence in ability to succeed

Group Activity Instructions:

1. Have students write their names on an index card and one thing they have done to try to fit in or get attention.  Give examples: buy a new outfit, use makeup, etc..

2. Let students share, but give them the ability to pass.

3. Show video

4. Have students write on what they like about themselves.  Do a sharing

5. Pass the index cards around and have each student write one positive item about each other.  Index card should return to the owner so they can read the positive comments.

6. Have students share how they feel about reading the positive comments.

Assessment: Final positive comment discussion: How did you feel about the positive comment?  Was there something written about you that you did not realize was good?